Hello and Welcome to our virtual sandbox! Do you ever feel overwhelmed and just need a helping hand? Would you like to have a personal assistant to return that call, to remind you of that important event, to schedule your appointments? To handle those little life bumps that happen every day? You thought only people with a lot of money has personal assistants. Here we are and we are not only affordable but we are just normal people that are overly organized and are here to help! And the amazing part is utilize our skills when you need us. So do not feel overwhelmed instead take control of your time! You will enjoy the extra time you have for yourself or for your family! You deserve it!

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We offer personal support to you and your family and/or the person they support. Responsibilities will often include making travel arrangements, organizing events/engagements, running errands, managing appointments or calendars, making reservations, placing orders, answering/returning calls and many other support duties. Think of us as a personal helper! Please fill out our contact form, this form is not obligating for you to utilize our many services. It is a way to get to know you and what your needs are! We will pair you up with a personal assistant that is just right for you!

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